During my time in the sports industry, I have worked with broadcasters, with sponsors, in board rooms, in the tunnel of Premier League clubs, pitchside at a multitude of matches, and in multimillion pound contract negotiations.

I’ve organised and managed football tournaments in Asia.  I have spent 6 years as a Premier League Match Manager working at Clubs such as Chelsea, QPR and Norwich City.  I’ve worked at training grounds, in Academies and in the business side of football clubs.

I’ve had strips torn off me in the Chelsea tunnel full of broadcasters, managers and players for things not in my control.

I’ve been left to organise a Premier League football tournament in Asia while people above me were nowhere to be seen, and then took the credit.

I’ve worked with fantastic people, and have seen their careers blossom.  I have also seen too many whose careers took a different path which didn’t end well.


Floss helped me to recognise and focus on mY goals, prioritising and providing me with a planning toolkit to make my aspirations a reality.

She’s a practical forward thinker, able to put her spin on things with an ‘all things are possible attitude’.

Floss is incredibly easy to work with, I now have a clear plan of where I’m heading and its becoming a reality. I wish I’d met her years ago!

My Story

I worked my way up to a fantastic job at a football club, with broad responsibilities and working with great people, but I started to have the feeling of being stuck between work and home life and not doing either very well. It started small, but I couldn’t shake it and in the end no matter how well I did, the successes had no meaning.  

I didn’t feel I had anyone to talk to who properly understood it.  Talking to people close to me but outside of the industry didn’t help, as they just didn’t get it.  Talking to people inside the industry did not feel like an option as I would have felt weak, ungrateful and incapable of doing the job and as I couldn’t see what the answer was, what was the point of worrying my colleagues or boss.  

When eventually I did talk to people they told me what they would do, and that just made it more confusing and difficult for me to see what was right for me.

The only answer I came up with was to leave my job and the industry, which I did, but I soon found out it didn’t help as the balance swung too far the other way.  At that point I couldn’t go back, and I had no idea what was the right way forward.  

It was only when I met and started talking to the right person, a life coach I had been introduced to, that I started to understand what I needed.  I discovered it was working out what was important to me which was the answer, not really anything to do with the industry or the job itself.  

I have since found a path where I can create a balance between work and me and still work with the industry I love.  I now help those people, like me, who need someone who gets it to talk to.  I don’t have the answers, but I help you to find them yourself and I understand the environment you are in while you get there.