“Always excellent at listening, she allows me to get things out in the open. It is great to be able to talk through situations, be asked the right questions and prompt some ideas.


The football industry is a fabulous place to work; it’s fast-paced, high-interest and in the spotlight.  It’s also high pressure, relentless and lonely. 

I help professionals in the industry to create clarity, build confidence and gain time for themselves without losing time for work. 

I tailor the content of the packages I offer to suit your goals and aims although all packages start with a 90 minute session and have 7 further sessions of an hour each as a minimum.  This enables you to identify what needs proper focus, work on it and in-bed new thinking and habits so that you can drive forwards with confidence.



I’m hired by football clubs and businesses who value their staff’s wellbeing and personal development and who want their employees to feel supported, confident and motivated so they bring their best to their work and remain committed. 

Working in the football industry is unique, fantastic and highly pressured.  Expectations are high, and delivery is required.  Looking after your staff’s wellbeing and personal development is vital to avoid burn-out, fatigue and losing good people.

As a trained coach who understand the industry, I offer fortnightly coaching sessions which are targeted to each person’s specific needs to:

  • Increase motivation
  • Build self confidence and develop strengths 
  • Reduce stress and burn-out
  • Identify personal values to enable better decision making 
  • Overcome limiting behaviours such as people pleasing, imposter syndrome or procrastination 
  • Create sustainable, achievable personal goals
  • Overcome negative beliefs  


The coaching conversations left me motivated to take actions and do things differently.