I have worked with Floss for some time and have enjoyed the conversations and guidance she has given. Always excellent at listening, she allows me to get things out in the open. It is great to be able to talk through situations, be asked the right questions and prompt some ideas.  Floss has proved invaluable and a great sounding board. She has a rounded sense of perspective and I could not recommend her work highly enough.

Steve Weaver, Head of Football Development, Norwich City FC

I’d never really considered coaching previously but now I can’t imagine being without it. So many times I’ll arrive with a topic that I may have been thinking about for some time and I come out of a session with such a clear direction of what to do or where I’m heading. Flora doesn’t provide you with the answer but takes you on a journey to achieve clarity. I’ve had so many lightbulb moments during my sessions and come out with a real sense of motivation. Through our time together I’ve gained more confidence, become kinder to myself and I’ve learnt to trust myself so much more than before.

Zoe Ward, Business & Project Director Norwich City FC

I’m a busy Mum, running a small holiday let business and developing a complex of properties.

Constantly distracted, with an overloaded brain, I was struggling to focus and complete anything.

Floss helped me to recognise and focus on my goals, prioritising and providing me with a planning toolkit to make my aspirations a reality.

She’s a practical forward thinker, able to put her spin on things with an ‘all things are possible attitude’.

Floss is incredibly easy to work with, I now have a clear plan of where I’m heading and its becoming a reality. I wish I’d met her years ago!


“Floss made it a very easy process with times and locations that suited me. I had only tried my own motivation before but felt after a few life knocks I could use something more structured was looking for external, independent input. 
It didn’t really feel like work. Our conversations were constructive and easy with some great observations from Floss. I felt empowered to be able to follow through on some thoughts I had about how to handle an upsetting situation at work and take some time to focus on myself.
The coaching conversations left to me motivated to take actions and do things differently, however, I did not feel forced into doing anything or that I must do it because she said so, it all felt very natural. 
I’ve come away with a greater sense of self worth and belief that change is ok, as is shaking things up a bit. 
I would definitely recommend working with Flora. She has a lovely manner, listens very well, makes sound suggestions and asks great questions. It doesn’t feel like you are being coached and yet I always left feeling good and enthused to make the changes I thought were right for me. 
I really enjoyed the process!